Fall Got You Down?

At CAMP we’re a little bummed out, too, because summer is over and the CAMPers have gone home.
Have no fear, Respite Club is here!

Respite Club Members have exclusive access to Respite Weekend Camps, Parent’s Night Out (PNO) and Teen & Adult Day Adventure (TADA).    Programs meet once a month, September through May.  But, you have to complete the three step application process before you can enjoy the fun!

Respite Club Application in 3 easy steps!

1) Submit an online 2014-15 Respite Club Application

2) Pay Respite Club Membership fee (online or by mail)

3) Mail CAMPer’s current Physician’s Report to the CAMP Executive Offices.

Once your CAMPer’s Respite Membership has been approved, CAMP will send you an email with private link to register for monthly Respite Club events.  If you have already submitted your CAMPer’s Respite Club Application, be sure and watch your email for important announcements and updates, so your CAMPer doesn’t miss out on any of the fun!

For any questions regarding the Respite Club Application process, contact Michelle Elble at (210) 671-8112 ormichelle.elble@campcamp.org.