Two Generations of CAMP Volunteers

As CAMP celebrates 35 years of strengthening and inspiring individuals with special needs we realize that volunteer counselors are one of CAMP’s most precious resources!  Volunteer counselors fill CAMP with their energy and love and they are one of the biggest reasons CAMPers return year after year.   It is heartwarming to see counselors return summer after summer as they make their way through high school and college.

Of course, a point comes in the lives of most volunteer counselors when “growing up” means they have to enter the workforce, or they begin to have families of their own.  That is why it is particularly gratifying when the we encounter a CAMP Legacy, a volunteer who is the child of a former volunteer counselor.  This was the case for Tiffany Pearson, during Session #9 of the 2014 CAMP Season.

Tiffany grew up hearing stories about CAMP from her mother, Ruby Hood-Pearson, a nurse who was stationed at Wilford Hall in the late 1980’s.  “I served before CAMP acquired the current facility.  Our infirmary was a canvas tent with a giant fan and air conditioning was a luxury we only dreamed about,” Hood-Pearson said.

So, when Tiffany began to hear CAMP stories from fellow students at Health Careers High School in San Antonio, she decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and spend a week serving at CAMP this summer.  “My friends told me how rewarding CAMP is and how it would be the best week of my life….and they were totally and completely correct!” Tiffany said with a grin.  How does Tiffany’s mom feel about her daughter’s decision to serve at CAMP?  “I am proud of her!  Of course I have always been proud of my girl,” Hood-Pearson said.  “It is not unusual for her to be selfless.  When I asked her what she wanted to do to celebrate her birthday this year, she asked me to donate what I would have spent on a party and make a gift to a charity.  That’s just the kind of heart she has.”

Hopefully both  Tiffany and her mom will join us for the 2014 CAMP Alumni Reunion, October 11th-12th, as we celebrate 35 years of CAMP. For information of the Alumni Reunion  check out the CAMP Website or go to the CAMP Alumni Facebook page.