Nature Center

Nature CenterThe Nature Center is home to many of CAMP’s most adorable friends. An economic space, filled with snakes, lizards, chinchillas, and fish. The Nature […]


ChapelThe “David Robinson Chapel” at CAMP is a peaceful and special place where campers, counselors, and staff can gather to reflect, find inspiration, and connect […]


FlagpoleGathering at the flagpole during activities is a special time when all campers come together. It’s a daily tradition where we meet by the flagpole, […]

CAMP Store

CAMP StoreThe CAMP Store is a fun place to purchase your CAMP gear!  If you are looking for a gift for a friend or yourself, […]

Healthcare Training Room

Healthcare Training RoomThe Healthcare Training room is a designated space for healthcare professionals to use while working on their continuing education credits. Each summer, CAMP […]

Healthcare Center

Healthcare CenterBuilt in 2019, CAMP’s Healthcare Center includes four isolation rooms, a nurse’s station, medication room to allow for prep of medications, two exam rooms, […]

Future Playground

Future PlaygroundPlaygrounds are incredible places that offer fun and excitement for kids and adults of all abilities. They provide an opportunity to play, make friends, […]

Target Sports

Target SportsTarget Sports at CAMP include archery and paintball and are inclusive for everyone! Using a bow and arrow or a paintball gun to hit […]


RiverRiver activities are a favorite at CAMP, especially as our property is located right along the Guadalupe River.  Activities include fishing and canoeing, as well […]

Cabin: Mesquite

Mesquite CabinBuilt in 2019, the Mesquite Cabin is CAMP’s newest overnight accommodation.  This building was built with plenty of features that are intentionally planned to […]