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2020 – 2021 Respite Club Membership

The 2020-21 Respite Club Membership fee* is $60 for the first camper and $10 for each additional camper. This seasonal membership is valid from September 2020 through May 2021 and enables families the opportunity to enroll for events on a monthly basis for PNO and TADA; however, all 2-day Respite Weekend enrollments will open in early September 2020 for the full season. Families will be able to select three (3) weekends based on space availability in September. Additional weekend requests will automatically be a wait list basis, only. (Spring Break enrollment will be available to those with complete applications and it will open separately in February 2021.)

*This fee is waived if the camper has funding through a Medicaid Waiver Program (CLASS, DBMD, HCS, TxHmL, MDCP/STAR Kids).

PNO events are free.

TADA event fees are nominal and will vary depending on scheduled event.

Respite Weekend Camps are $300 each and Spring Break Camp is $750. For campers who do not receive agency funding but cannot afford the full fee(s), CAMP is continuing the Tier Pricing program for the 2020-21 Respite Club season. The Tier Pricing program does not require families to submit proof of income, but is based on the family’s self-identified ability to pay.

Tier Pricing Levels

Tier Pricing Level
based on Ability to Pay
2-day Respite Weekend
Camp Fee
Spring Break Camp Fee
March 10-13, 2021
Tier 1 $300 $750
Tier 2 $200 $525
Tier 3 $100 $300

Tier 1 is based on the full cost of a camper participating in the selected event.  If you are able to pay this amount, please do so.

Tier 2 is a partially subsidized rate that will enable families that just can’t afford the full cost of the camp event.  Please choose this rate if your family has the need to receive a subsidized rate.

Tier 3 is a more heavily subsidized rate for families whose camper(s) would not be able to attend the camp event otherwise.  If you cannot afford either of the higher rates, please select this tier.