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Teen and Adult Day Adventure

Please Note: Limited programs will become available in Spring 2021. All program updates are located here:  Programs

Teen and Adult Day Adventure (TADA) is a supervised social program in the San Antonio community for teens and adults with special needs, aged 14-40. TADA events may include dinner, movies, sporting events, and concerts. A small portion of the cost of the event may be the responsibility of the family, depending on the event. CAMP looks for fun, yet economical, venues for TADA events. TADA events are scheduled one Saturday (or Sunday) a month September - May.

Beginning in August each year, families must apply for CAMP's School Year Programs (Sept.-May) to enroll for monthly TADA events. Once a family submits the full, annual application, the monthly TADA event enrollment announcments are provided to the family to enroll for the following month's event.

For more information on TADA events, contact our Family Support Team at