Camper Confirmation Information

Refer back to your email to see your Camper's specific Tribe and Division, check-in / check-out times, and any special reminders or announcements for this session!


Click each of these buttons for more necessary details about your Camper's stay with us!

Important Notes

  • Each person in your vehicle (including your Camper) must complete the All-Access Pass screening to enter the facility.
    • A link to the screening (and instructions) will be emailed to you three days prior to the start of your session. 
  • Your Camper will not be allowed to check in earlier than their assigned check-in time noted above.
  • If checking in more than one Camper - and they are in different tribes, we recommend (when possible) bringing a parent/guardian for each. This will allow one person to accompany each Camper through the check-in process. 
  • Arriving with medications not prepared as required is a primary cause of longer wait times during check-in and may even affect whether your Camper can stay at CAMP.
    • Please follow the medication preparation instructions provided in the confirmation packet.  
  • Any changes to your Camper's health or medication needs should be discussed with Camp CAMP staff at check-in. Please do not make changes to your Camper's application as we have finalized their information.
  • Checking in Campers takes time! We are thorough when reviewing the care needs of each Camper to ensure we're prepared to support them during their session.
    • Please be prepared to wait in your car until your Camper is called. 
    • We suggest packing snacks, charged tablets/phones for entertainment, etc...
  • As a reminder, Summer Camp 2021 requires modifications to how we are able to manage challenging behaviors at Camp CAMP. If challenging behaviors are demonstrated during a summer session that we are unable to successfully manage within the context of our COVID-19 protocols (which exist to protect all participants), Campers may be sent home early. 

*Call 210-831-1461 no later than 4pm on Thursday before the session if you have any questions.