Frequently Asked Questions about the Summer CAMP Application, Preparing for CAMP, While at CAMP, and Waiver Programs.


Who do I contact if I have a question or a problem?
During the Application process, you may contact Michelle Elble by e-mail at or by phone at (210) 671-8112.
How does CAMP determine whether or not to accept a camper with disabilities?

While CAMP has specialized in accepting campers with conditions that many other special needs camps are reluctant to accept, CAMP’s decision to accept is based on the presenting medical or behavioral condition and CAMP’s ability to assure adequate counseling and health staff to handle the condition.

What do I need to provide in order to use the Summer CAMP scholarship tier payment options?

For Summer Camp applications, you will need to submit copies of your most recent IRS 1040 and supporting W-2s.  

School year applications do not require any income verification.

What if I did not have any income to report to the IRS for 2019?

You may fill out a Statement of No Income form and submit along with your payment form and supporting documentation (e.g., social security statement, camper support, etc).  Please call the CAMP office at (210) 671-5411 to request a copy of this form at the time of completion of the application.

What if my adult camper does not have any income to report to the IRS for 2019?

If you do not claim your adult camper on your IRS 1040, then they are eligible to use the Statement of Non-Taxable Income.  If you do claim your adult camper on your IRS 1040, then you must use the family’s income to utilize the Scholarship Tier payment options.

If one of my campers receives agency funding, and another does not, what do I pay?
Campers receiving agency funding are charged full price. Other siblings without funding may use the Scholarship Tier option based on their family income.
When is payment due?

Payment information is due at the time the application is submitted. The application will not be processed until the payment or agency authorization is received. Parent payments are processed when the application is accepted; agencies are not billed until after the camp event.

What if I have agency funding?

To use agency funding, CAMP needs a letter from the case manager stating that the agency will be responsible for payment.  We need an agency contact name, phone number, and billing address included in the letter.  Your case manager may fax this authorization letter to (210) 671-5244.

How will I know if my camper has been accepted?

You will receive an email if your application was submitted online.  If your application was submitted by mail, you will receive a postcard stating that your camper has been accepted.

How will I know what session my camper is attending?

The acceptance email or postcard will state which session your camper will attend.

Preparing for Camp

How does my camper's counselor prepare to provide care for my camper?

Counselors receive a week of intense training that includes proper medical care, behavioral management, and safety procedures.  Information you provide as part of your application form (Care Form) provides a wealth of information, so please be as detailed as possible.  During check-in, please answer all questions and volunteer additional information to the counselor, supervisors, and health staff.

Will my camper need money?

No, money is not necessary to send with your camper.  CAMP provides all food and snacks. 

On Sundays and Fridays around check-in and check-out times, CAMP logo gifts can be bought at the CAMP Store.

What do I need to send with my camper?

Two weeks prior to your scheduled session, you will be sent a confirmation packet that includes a packing list.  If your camper is on a special diet, or uses additional sources of nutrition (i.e., Ensure), please send 6 days’ worth of food. 

Campers will need to bring their own special equipment, such as wheelchairs, CPAP, ventilators, communication devices, and prescription medications.  Please do not send unnecessary items of great value, such as money, expensive cameras, or entertainment electronics. 

We are a summer camp and despite efforts to keep track of belongings, constant movement between activities may result in lost or broken items.

Who will take care of my camper's medical needs?

CAMP has a full time nurse on duty. Additionally, CAMP has an extensive volunteer health care staff that includes a Medical Director, physicians who specialize in various pediatric fields, registered nurses, therapists, and pharmacists.

How do I send my camper's medication to CAMP?

You will take your camper’s medication in a “pill organizer” along with the original medication bottles.  All daily supplements or regularly taken Over the Counter (OTC) medications must be prepared this way, too.

More specific instructions will be sent to you in a confirmation packet approximately two weeks before the session begins.  Pill organizers can be purchased in most pharmacies for a few dollars.

What if our medications are liquid?

Bring the medication in its original bottle with the prescription attached.

What if our medications change between completing the application forms and check-in?

Any changes to medication that take place after the application was submitted MUST be correct on the prescription label or MUST be accompanied by a signed prescription from your physician.  Additionally, medications can be updated online; the cut-off date for changes will be two weeks prior to your scheduled session.  You will have the opportunity to speak with medical staff and adjust any necessary directions at check-in time.

While at CAMP

Will my camper receive a CAMP T-Shirt?

Yes, your camper will receive the new CAMP T-shirt on the Friday of their session.  Additional CAMP T-shirts will be available for purchase at the CAMP store on Sunday and Friday.

What if my camper does not want to participate in an activity?

Campers are always encouraged to participate in activities; however, alternate activities are provided.

May I phone to check on my camper?

You are welcome to inquire!  

Your camper’s counselor’s supervisor (called the Chief Cabin Counselor or CCC) checks messages throughout the day and will return your call as soon as possible.  The Center Point office number is (830) 634-2267 or (210) 858-9076.

Will my camper be able to do the activities?

Yes, the activities are designed to be easily adapted so that every camper can participate.

Can I visit my camper at CAMP?

CAMP policies and the American CAMP Association strongly discourage parental visits.  You can telephone the CAMP Nurse or leave a phone message for your camper’s counselor if you have questions and concerns.

Can parents stay and volunteer while their camper is at CAMP?

Parents serving as health care volunteers occasionally stay on the CAMP grounds, but this is an exception to the American Camping Association guidelines for best practices.  CAMP is a chance for kids to experience recreation independent of their families as parents/guardians enjoy well-deserved respite. 

What lodging is available nearby?

If you wish to stay in the San Antonio area, contact the San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau for listings ( or (210) 229-2100).

If you decide to remain in the general area of CAMP, possible hotels and bed & breakfasts in the Hill Country include:




Waiver Programs

Click Here to learn more about Medicaid Waiver Programs and how they can be used at CAMP.