"I'm a firm believer that the individuals in this community are the ones who will change this world. Because of CAMP I am the best version of myself and the person I want to be. CAMP is the place where I first found my heart, my passion, my future, my people."
Judy Chu
Summer Staff/Volunteer
"My training prior to CAMP had mainly focused on the use of medications or physical interventions to manage behavior of individuals who become agitated. At CAMP I witnessed well-trained volunteer counselors managing behavior mostly through proactive interaction and redirection. This was eye-opening for me, and I wish every physician could have the opportunity to experience CAMP for themselves!"
Dr. Owais Tirmizi
Healthcare Volunteer
"When I'm at CAMP, there's not a day that goes by that I don't experience happiness both in myself and in others. A lot of people think that to be happy, something has to happen to benefit themselves, but CAMP has taught me that that's not the case. At CAMP, I'm constantly experiencing happiness not because good things are happening to me, but because I see other people having fun and being happy. The smiles on campers' faces, their happiness, is what true happiness is: selfless, innocent joy that comes from even the little things in life."
Vivian Whitney
CAMP Volunteer
"CAMP is a place where everybody is accepted, unconditionally, and can be themselves fully without worry of ridicule or discrimination. At CAMP, reaching maximum potential is contagious among campers, staff, and volunteers. CAMP brings out the best in everybody and allows us to share with each other bonds and friendships that I have yet to find anywhere else."
Justin Joyner
CAMP Volunteer
"The week I spent at CAMP was life-changing. There is something special about the atmosphere CAMP has created. The system is perfectly put together, and it is magnified by the culture/community of each volunteer/staff. It creates an incredible environment for each camper to enjoy CAMP, free to do whatever they want, safely. Because of CAMP, I will be a better clinician."
Dr. Jordan Nordquist
Healthcare Volunteer
"People are free to be their true selves. All judgment is left at the gate as people see each other for their individuality, not their diagnosis. True friendships are made at CAMP and people have the opportunity to develop unique insight through their interactions and experiences with one another."
Aurora Brinkman
CAMP Staff
"CAMP is a place where everyone has the opportunity to be themselves without judgments and with endless amounts of respect, love, happiness and fun."
Valeria Laddaga
CAMP Staff
"Because of CAMP, Shelby gets to be around peers that she can relate to and be herself. She has some sense of independence, and is able to enjoy things in life that, if not for CAMP, would never happen. We get to relax, concentrate on ourselves, and not feel like we’re controlled by someone else's schedule. We are able to spend time with friends."
Karen and Tony Ridout
Camper Parents
"Because of CAMP my husband and I got to go on a mini vacation, relax and enjoy some much needed alone time.  It was Alex's first time at camp and he had a blast!"
Millicent Moehlman
Camper Parent
"Because of CAMP, I get to realize that it is okay to let my son have the CAMP experience despite his disabilities ... and that he can do things that we never dreamed he would ever try or accomplish."
Wade Labay
Camper Parent
"Because of CAMP, I get to meet new friends, have time away from home by myself. So much fun. Looking forward to coming back this summer."
"Because of CAMP, Janel's spent her first night away from home. That sure helped us as parents to know she has had the experience of being away from home, and was not afraid, felt safe. The volunteers during the season were all outstanding. Very grateful for the experience that CAMP provided for all the kids."
Lori Manley
Camper Parent