Summer Staff Application

CAMP’s Summer Staff Applications available in January!

Online Application:

Applications will be processed for placement in a Summer Staff Session once you have completed the 3-Step Application Process:

Step 1: Submit an online Summer Staff Application

Using a PC or laptop computer, access the application on the CAMP home page at under “CAMP Registration” at the top of the page.  Under the “Applications” section click, “Lead Staff Online Application” and be sure to check your email for additional guidance through the online submissions and for printable forms that may be required.

Step 2: Submit Physician’s Report

CAMP’s Physician’s Report form is provided in the email that’s sent after completion of Part 3 online.

  • Print the Physician’s Report Form and have the doctor fill it out based on a current, annual physical exam.
  • Fax the completed form to (210) 671-5244 or mail to PO Box 27086, San Antonio, TX 78227, attn: Family Support.
  • CAMP will not accept Physician’s Report Forms with an exam date older than one year for placement; a new physical exam may be required prior to attending camp if the exam is over a year prior to attending. Other physical exam forms may not be accepted.
Step 3: Submit Summer Camp Fee Payment

For your convenience, the Summer Camp fee may be paid online. NOTE: Payment or agency authorization does not guarantee placement. All other required paperwork and forms must also be received.

  • If you prefer to mail in your check or credit card payment, please print the “Payment Authorization” form and mail it to the address listed.
  • All financial forms or requirements in this section are provided in the email sent after completion of Part 3 online.
  • CAMP’s full fee is $1,500. If your camper has agency funding OR you are unable to afford the full fee, please review the following to see if these options may apply:
    • Agency Funded– If your camper has outside agency funding, you must have your caseworker submit a letter of authorization to us guaranteeing payment of the full camp fee. Authorizations should be faxed to (210) 671-5244. (Room & Board fees are no longer a requirement for CAMP.)
    • Scholarship Tier – If your camper does not receive agency funding, you can use the Scholarship Tier payment option to reduce the full fee. You will need to submit your 2016 IRS 1040 tax form along with corresponding W-2’s to complete the program requirements.
      • If your household received no taxable income for 2016 then download the “Statement of Non Taxable Income.” Complete the form, and then submit it with supporting documentation and payment (unless paid online).
      • Foster Families – If your camper has been placed in foster care by DFPS, then download the “Foster Parent Worksheet” and follow instructions on that form. Submit the form with payment.

Summer CAMP Applications will be processed within 7-10 business days from the receipt of the online Application, Physician’s Report, and Agency Authorization or Paid Fees with corresponding forms. Upon acceptance, you will receive an email to confirm your camper’s placement. You will also receive a confirmation packet email approximately 2 weeks prior to your camper’s session which will include a map, packing list, check-in time, policies, and medication information.