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Creativity for CAMP!

CAMP is seeking Artwork, Stories, Poems, Photography, and inspirational Words about CAMP by campers, parents, volunteers, and staff.  These pieces will be integrated into a collaborative work of Art to be auctioned during the 2020 Virtual Gala.  Please see the details below for more information.  Remember…we aren’t looking for perfection – just your original work filled with laughter and love!


To be included in the Art for the 2020 Gala auction, we need all submission in by July 27.  Submissions received after that date will be saved for the 2021 Gala so don’t worry!

Info to Include

Please be sure to add a note with:

  • Name of the Artist/Writer
  • Age (if camper)
  • Note if the Artist/Writer is a camper/parent/volunteer
  • Address  (so we can send you a thank you note and a picture of the finished artwork!)

How to Submit Your Work

Written work can be emailed to

Artwork should be mailed to:   CAMP  |  Attn: Dianna Hopkins  |  PO Box 27086  |  San Antonio, Texas 78227

Creative Art

The only limitation for Artwork is it needs to be completed on paper so it can be added to a larger canvas and we ask that foam pieces, sequins, and glitter not be used. The type of paper is up to you! Consider utilizing paint, marker, crayons, oil pastel, etc.


Creative Word

We are seeking short stories, poems, and even key words that describe your emotions and feelings about CAMP. Submissions of written word can vary depending on the writer, and that’s beautiful!  We ask that short stories be limited to one typed page (12 pt. font).


  • Create a CAMP poem…even if you or your child aren’t writers!  Start each new line with “I remember…” or “I love CAMP because…”  or “CAMP is…”
  • Tell a story about something that happened to you at or because of CAMP.  Why was it so memorable?  How did it change or inspire you?
  • Send a list of words (with no explanation) that describe what you feel when you are at CAMP or think of CAMP.
  • Write one sentence (it’s harder than you think) describing the impact CAMP has on our community.