Family Retreat- Staff & Volunteer FAQs

Q. Will the Family Weekend Retreats this fall look like the ones CAMP has held in the past?
A. No. There will be many changes necessary due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to protect our Campers, their Families, and our Staff/Volunteers as best we can. Read on to learn about the specifics of how the weekends will look.

Q. What are the minimum requirements for Staff/Volunteers who plan to serve at Family Weekend Retreats this fall?
A. We are looking for experienced staff and volunteers who are at least 18-years-old.

Q. What Staff/Volunteer roles will be available for Family Weekend Retreats this fall?
A. Staff/Volunteers for Family Weekend Retreats this fall will serve as “Activity Pals,” leading a specific CAMP activity for the whole weekend for one family unit at a time, or as “Dining Hall Pals,” helping serve meals to our Families so we can best maintain recommended social distancing guidelines for everyone.

Q. Will stipends be available for Activity Pals and Dining Hall Pals? What about service hours?
A. All Pals can choose to receive either a stipend OR service hours (Human Resource guidelines do not allow us to offer both). The stipend for the majority of Activity Pal positions and all Dining Hall Pal positions will be $125 per weekend. Activity Pals who have special certifications/training/experience qualifying them to lead specialized activities can earn $150 per weekend (this includes Lifeguards, Horseback Wranglers, and Target Sports Instructor). In lieu of a stipend all Pals can choose to earn 35 volunteer service hours.

Q. Will there be any caregiving, behavior management, or supervision expectations of Staff/Volunteers for the weekend?
A. No. Families will stay together as a Family Unit and provide all of their own care and management throughout the weekend. Our Pals will be there to facilitate their assigned activity for one Family at a time, or to help ensure the dining experience is as safe as possible for everyone participating.

Q. Will there be any cleaning responsibilities?
A. Yes. Activity Pals will be trained in expectations for cleaning their activity areas with designated cleaning solutions and techniques that are proven to kill the COVID-19 virus between every activity period (i.e., between families). Dining Hall Pals will be trained on appropriate cleaning procedures they will need to practice during or at the end of each meal. At the end of the weekend, Staff/Volunteers will be asked to sweep and take the trash out of their cabins, but CAMP will provide deep cleaning of all cabin spaces before the next planned retreat.

Q. Will hand sanitizer and/or handwashing stations with soap be readily available around Camp CAMP?
A. Yes. We are installing additional hand sanitizer and hand washing stations around Camp CAMP.

Q. What about public restrooms?
A. We will encourage families to use the restroom at their own cabin if at all possible. We will provide cleaning solutions in staff cabins that are proven effective at killing the COVID-19 virus and can be used before/after each individual’s use. We will do frequent cleaning of public restrooms around Camp CAMP but are unable to leave cleaning solutions in the restrooms or to ensure that CAMP Staff will have cleaned them between every use.

Q. What will the screening procedure at check-in look like?
A. Upon arrival at Camp CAMP, and before leaving the immediate area of their vehicle, every individual will undergo a touchless temperature check, be asked to respond to a questionnaire about recent activities, any current symptoms, and any potential exposures, and if resources can be secured, take a rapid COVID-19 test. Only once successfully passing this screening will individuals be allowed to proceed to their cabin and begin participating in CAMP activities.

Q. What happens if someone tests positive while at CAMP?
A. CAMP will follow all CDC and local health official policies regarding reporting and contact tracing, and will communicate all appropriate information to individuals who may have been exposed. Any testing positive or showing active symptoms (and their Family, if applicable) will be isolated from others and will leave CAMP as soon as possible.

Q. Will I have to sign waiver or permission to participate in the weekend?
A. Yes. Only staff/volunteers who are 18-years-old or older, and thus able to legally sign a waiver and permission themselves, are able to volunteer for Family Weekend Retreats this fall. The waiver will acknowledge risks of participation, efforts taken by CAMP to minimize risks, and expectations of staff/volunteers/families in helping minimize risks.

Q. Will I be allowed to go off-CAMP on breaks?
A. No. To meet guidelines for best practices during the pandemic, once a Staff Member, Volunteer, or Family Member has arrived at CAMP and been screened for COVID-19 symptoms and cleared, they will be expected to stay until the CAMP session is over. We will be offering staff activities after families return to their cabins at night to help facilitate this time.

Q. What will sleeping arrangements look like?
A. Each Family will be assigned their own private sleeping/living space and will be expected to maintain that space for their family only, without allowing others from outside their Family Unit into their cabin. Staff/Volunteers will have assigned bunks in designated sleeping quarters that have been spaced out and oriented to meet all required social distancing guidelines. Staff/Volunteers will not be allowed to change their designated sleeping assignment without the explicit permission of the Executive Camp Director.

Q. Will people be expected to wear masks?
A. Yes. While in public spaces all participants (staff, volunteers, and family members) will be expected to wear masks at all times with the following exceptions:
1) Members of a Family Unit will not be required to wear masks inside their own cabin.
2) No one will be required to wear a mask while eating; however, staff/volunteers will be expected to eat in designated spots that are socially distanced from one another. Families will eat at a table as a Family Unit.
3) No one will be required to wear a mask while sleeping, although Staff/Volunteers will be expected to follow their assigned sleeping arrangements which will maintain at least 6 feet between people’s heads while sleeping.

Click this link for CAMP’s full Family Retreat COVID-19 Policies and Procedures.