Volunteer FAQs

My summer is full, are there other volunteer opportunities available?

CAMP has three other programs that run during the non-summer months that all need volunteers.  Click here to find out more about PNO, TADA, Respite Weekends, and other work groups.

I need to arrive late/leave early on the week I am volunteering, is that OK?

There are no early/late checkouts without the approval of the either the Camp Director or Assistant Camp Director.  Please try to minimize early/late arrivals or departures as these adjustments can be very difficult for some campers to handle.

When am I supposed to arrive at CAMP on my week to Volunteer?

In your confirmation packet you will receive a letter telling you when you will need to arrive for the week you are volunteering.  Also in that packet you will receive a time that you are to arrive for Pre-CAMP.  THESE TIMES MAY BE DIFFERENT.  Please read your packet carefully to be sure that you have the correct arrival times for the different weeks you will be volunteering.  You will receive a reminder email the week before you are to arrive at CAMP confirming that your plans have not changed.

I have a special diet, can CAMP accommodate this?

CAMP’s well-trained kitchen staff can accommodate any special dietary concerns you may have.  They frequently prepare meals for vegetarian, gluten-casein free, kosher, and many more.

How much free time will I have?

CAMP counselors receive at least one daily break (often two) for 1-1.5 hours. Free time is a great time to rest, and all counselors are encouraged to do so during this time.

What do counselors do at CAMP?

Counselors provide direct care to an individual with special needs.  They will help their camper with daily CAMP activities; including swimming, canoeing, archery, arts & crafts, horseback, etc.  They will also help with the personal care to the campers; including showering, changing clothes, toileting, brushing teeth, eating, lifting and transferring from chairs, etc.  All of these issues will be covered during Pre-Camp training.

What are some benefits I will experience while volunteering at CAMP?

While at CAMP you will have the opportunity to grow and discover many things about yourself.  You will be working in a fun nurturing environment and given the opportunity to push your own limits and learn things you never thought possible. Counselors are eligible to earn up to 99 service hours per week at CAMP. With between 15-30 medical professionals at CAMP each week you will have the opportunity to interact with them and find out more about their fields to help you decide if that career choice might be right for you.  Lastly, the number one reason to volunteer at CAMP: you get a free cool limited edition Camp CAMP T-Shirt!

What do I need to bring to CAMP?

Once you have been accepted to volunteer at CAMP you will receive a confirmation email that will include a packing list of what to bring.

I am 15 year old female will I be taking care of a male camper older than me?

A 15-year-old may be paired with a male camper 14 years old or younger.  CAMP’s “Rule of Two” mandates that a volunteer will never be left alone with a camper(s).

Will I be responsible for the hygiene care of my camper?

As a volunteer counselor you will be responsible for the basic hygiene care of your camper. However, at CAMP we have a rule of two at all times. You may never be alone with a camper. You will be trained on hygiene and other camper care topics at Pre-CAMP.

I want to volunteer for the Autism session but it says “Males only”, I am a female. Can I volunteer?

Yes, females can volunteer. This session is only available for male campers with Autism. Due to the fact that autism is more prevalent in the male gender, CAMP had to adapt one session to better serve the needs of our male campers with Autism.

Can I bring my electronic devices to CAMP, such as a cell phone, tablet, Laptop, etc.?

You are able to bring personal electronic devices.  However, there is not much free time to use such items and they will have to be stored with your personal belongings during camper time.  CAMP does not offer any storage for personal electronic devices and CAMP does not assume responsibility for loss or theft of any items.  CAMP suggests that you pack all of your belongings in a lockable suitcase or trunk.

How much does it cost to volunteer?

There is no fee to volunteer at Camp CAMP.  Counselors are provided lodging, food and beverages.  If you wish to purchase any items from our logo store, than please bring some extra spending money.  However, CAMP does not hold responsibility for loss or theft of any items.   If you wish to make a donation to help offset the cost please click here.

Whom do I contact if I have a question or concern about my child while volunteering at CAMP?

You may contact Camp Director Laura Nickel (laura.nickel@campcamp.org), or call the Center Point CAMP office, (210) 858-9076.

Whom do I contact if I have questions or problems with the Volunteer application?

You may contact Stephanie Hernandez, Volunteer Services Coordinator, at stephanie.hernandez@campcamp.org or phone (210) 671-5229.

Where will I sleep?

Counselors may be assigned to sleep in the camper cabins or in staff overflow cabins. All cabins are climate-controlled and gender-designated. At no time will a female and male counselor sleep in the same cabin.

Who Volunteers at CAMP?

CAMP has volunteers who come from many different walks of life.  Most are high school through college age individuals from around the state of Texas and across the country.  Health Care Volunteers come from a variety of different disciplines to help cover the medical needs of our campers.  The one thing they have in common is that they all share a desire to learn how to help individuals with special needs have a great time at CAMP!  All Volunteers have committed to come to Pre-CAMP training and 1 full week of CAMP during the summer.

I am only 15, can I volunteer?

Yes, our volunteer opportunities start at age 15.

How will I know if I have been accepted to volunteer?

Once you complete the entire application process, you will receive an email confirming your volunteer position and a packet providing additional volunteer information. Your application is not complete until you have signed and returned the behavior contract, physical form completed by your doctor, permissions form signed by a parent (if under 18), and a background check (if over 18).  Please allow 7-14 days for your supplemental paperwork to be processed before you receive your confirmation packet.  If you have not received your packet in that time email sarah.coulombe@campcamp.org.

I have submitted my online application, what do I do next?

The next step in the application process is to check your email that you linked to your account. You must print, fill out and send the supplemental forms to Attn: Sarah Coulombe P.O. Box 27086 San Antonio Texas 78258.  The supplemental forms consist of a behavior contract, physical form completed by your doctor, permissions form signed by a parent (if under 18), and a background check (if over 18).

I attended Pre-CAMP training last year; do I need to attend again?

Due to changes from year to year in policies, procedures and State mandated training you must attend Pre-CAMP training every year.

What if I can’t attend Pre-CAMP?

CAMP offers a Mini Make-up Pre-CAMP training in July that covers many of the same topics covered at Pre-CAMP.  However, due to the condensed format and time frame, it is not as a complete experience.  We prefer attendance in the June Pre-CAMP but offer this option for those who absolutely cannot attend in June.  You may not volunteer until you have completed 1 of these mandatory trainings.

Will I receive any kind of training?

All programs offer mandatory training for volunteers. For summer camp, all volunteers must attend Pre-CAMP (early June) or Mini Pre-CAMP training (early July). Pre-CAMP is a week-long training that includes training on proper medical care, camper hygiene, behavioral management, safety procedures, mandatory training required by the State of Texas, and lots of fun.  Mini Pre-CAMP covers the same training topics as Pre-CAMP, but on a shorter time-frame.

All summer volunteers must attend either Pre-CAMP or Mini Pre-CAMP training each year. You may not be a CAMP counselor without attending training.

For Respite Weekend, Family Weekend, PNO, and TADA programs, training for first-time volunteers is available before each event.

Can I use my cell phone at CAMP?

Counselors may have cell phones but are only permitted to use them during a counselor’s limited free time. Counselors may not use their cell phones (call, text, email, social media, internet, etc.) when they are around campers.

Parents: Please know that your volunteer is not able to use their phone while they are with their camper. They may not be able to return phone calls or texts until their personal break times. If you need to reach your volunteer in an emergency situation, please call the CAMP office at (210) 858-9076.

Additionally, phone calls can lead to homesickness; if your volunteer calls and is homesick please encourage your volunteer to talk with their Lead Staff, Camp Director or Assistant Camp Director.

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