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In Memory of Joshua Veale

Please make a gift to CAMP in memory of our beloved son Joshua Ellis Veale, born in Port Arthur, Texas on September 2, 1976.  Died at age 40 at his home in Georgia on January 13, 2017.

Joshua found his place in his adopted state of Georgia in 1998-99. CAMP was instrumental in that journey. It began when he was offered a position on the CAMP maintenance staff at age 16 in about 1992. The story goes that fixing the hot water in the girls’ dorm during counselor training week assured his position!  He helped put in many a path and wheelchair ramp. Chip Heidrich gave him lots of experience building and painting and restoring. He probably did some mowing and weed eating about the grounds (the same campgrounds he and the whole Veale family walked about when it was Camp Christian beginning with his grandparents Rev. T. Ervin Veale and long-time NISD teacher Joan Anderson Veale in the 50’s).

Josh worked several summers and stayed many weekends with Chip and Ellen Heidrich and their beautiful children. It was with the Heidrich’s that Josh learned the loving ways of children with special needs.

Working at CAMP is what gave Josh the background and experience to move on in 1998 to work for Georgia Options, an organization that helps institutionalized individuals to move into their own homes with round-the-clock support teams.

Eventually Josh honed his carpentry and painting skills giving many a homes and businesses in the Athens, Georgia fresh new looks. When work was slow in his adopted state, he would return to his roots in Texas to do much needed work on various family members’ homes.

He and the love of his life, Stacia, began rehabilitating wild baby orphan critters and it was a very fulfilling addition to their love of outdoor camping and kayaking adventures.l

We appreciate the outpouring of love and prayers and hope many will be able to join us in supporting the great work at CAMP with ongoing donations for a legacy for our son.

John and Dorothy Veale and

Click here to make a gift in Joshua’s memory