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Respite Weekend Camps and Spring Break Camp

Respite Weekend Camp is a monthly program throughout the school year (Sept. – May) that gives campers, aged 5 to 40 years, an opportunity to enjoy a camping experience. Counselors and qualified health personnel care for campers in a multipurpose, heated/cooled facility at *Camp CAMP, located 10 miles southeast of Kerrville, Texas. Activities, weather-permitting, include canoeing, horseback riding, swimming, arts & crafts, outdoor cooking, nature, and more.

Respite Weekend Camp events are scheduled one weekend (Saturday-Sunday, overnight) a month throughout the Respite Club Season. Families must be members of the Respite Club each season to enroll for Respite Weekend Camps. Once a family becomes Respite Club Members, more information will be provided prior to the “Choose 3” enrollment which opens in early September.

Spring Break Camp will be held March 11-14, 2020. Families must be members of the Respite Club and its enrollment will open separately in early February 2020.

Family Weekend Camps

For more information on Respite Camps, including Family Weekend Camps, Respite Weekend Camps and Spring Break Camp, contact Michelle Elble at or call (210) 671-8112.

If you’re applying to enroll for Respite Weekend Camps, it is recommended that you complete the full Respite Club Application by Thursday, August 29, 2019 to have the opportunity to enroll in early September for this season’s events .